Empire State Building

Memories at ESB – II

March 7, 2022

The Empire State Building has been a part of countless memories in the past 90 years. We asked our fans to contribute their favorite photos and moments at the Empire State Building Observatory.

Vincent – Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Visited ESB in 2011

Meli – Los Angeles, California

Aunt and Uncle visited ESB in 1944

“The [left] photo is my Aunt Jean and Uncle Ivan. They visited ESB from New Brunswick, Canada in 1944. We think it was their honeymoon!

As for my story, my brother and I visited my dad and grandmother [in New York] a lot. We went to the Empire State Building several times because it was a fun thing to do! I’m obsessed with skyscrapers. The Empire State Building is tied with the Flatiron Building as my favorite. I still have my teensy ESB [pictured right] because it reminds me of my deep New York roots.”

Jesamin – Bochum, Germany

Visited ESB in 2019

Parts of these stories have been edited for clarity.

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