Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the World’s Most Famous Building, the very manifestation of authenticity, history and iconograply. In addition to breathtaking views, the newly renovated Empire State Building Observatory provides a unique visitor experience that positions us to maintain our preeminent position amongst New York City destination attractions.

The building has taken a leading role in sustainability and Energy Efficiency, with clear and measurable goals to reduce energy consumption. Unmatched amenities, such as an in-building fitness center and conference rooms as well as on-site dining, make ESB and Urban Campus Within a Building.

Empire State Building Broadcasting

The Empire State Building offers antennae aperture options to broadcasters, utility companies, telecommunications providers, and public safety agencies transmitting point-to-point radio, television, and data communications.

Central to the entire Metropolitan SMSA, the Empire State Building offers secure, state-of-the art facilities including combiner and engineering space, a well-run physical plant, comprehensive power, and RF monitoring system.