April 14, 2021

Empire State Realty Trust Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report: Major Achievements, Net Zero Goals, Healthy Buildings, Indoor Environmental Quality, and DE&I Metrics

Targets net zero carbon emissions across entire 10.1 million square foot real estate portfolio by 2035

NEW YORK, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT) today shared its 2020 Sustainability Report that details the current state of its Sustainability, Healthy Buildings, and Indoor Environmental Quality accomplishments and recognition.  The report sets forth ESRT’s quantified goals and commitments to lead the industry towards a net zero future; and transparent metrics and disclosure around diversity with measurable goals for continued improvement which include:

  • Net-zero carbon emissions across its entire real estate portfolio by 2035
  • Net-zero carbon emissions for the Empire State Building by 2030
  • 20 percent reduction of energy use intensity by 2024, in alignment with the U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge
  • Five percent annual reduction in waste generation
  • Two percent annual reduction in water usage

“Over the past decade, we have made groundbreaking achievements at ESRT across our entire portfolio. Everyone is aware of our groundbreaking work at the Empire State Building that reduced the building’s energy use by 40 percent and showed the industry what is possible to achieve in existing buildings,” said Anthony E. Malkin, chairman, president and CEO. “Now is the first time we have issued a sustainability report that covers the breadth and depth of our work and our new targets.”

“Our inaugural Sustainability Report represents our first effort to tell our full story and the steps we have taken, and will take, to achieve a carbon neutral future,” said Dana Robbins Schneider, ESRT’s senior vice president, director of energy, sustainability & Sustainability. “Our expertise and leadership across all of our buildings gives brokers, tenants, investors, and lenders the chance to see our path towards a net-zero future.”

Empire State Realty Trust is already not just a leader in reduction of carbon and waste and a creator of healthy buildings with leadership in Indoor Environmental Quality, it is also the nation’s largest 100% user of green power in real estate, with its entire portfolio powered by renewable wind electricity. The report discloses our current certifications and awards which include:

ESRT’s 2020 Sustainability Report also transparently discloses key diversity metrics at all levels, with a commitment to measure, report, take action and continuously improve DE&I engagement and performance.

“Full transparency with the larger industry on our key metrics, learned best practices and successful implementation of sustainability strategies is vital to maintain our position as a responsible leader in the Sustainability space,” said Mr. Malkin. “As we chart course towards our own company’s net zero future, we simultaneously collaborate with government, policymakers and even competitors in real estate because so much of our ultimate success relies on collective action.”

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