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Performance for Today. Perspective for Tomorrow.

Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT) is a NYC-focused REIT that owns and manages a well-positioned property portfolio of office, retail, and multifamily assets in Manhattan and the greater New York metropolitan area. Owner of the Empire State Building – the “World’s Most Famous Building” – ESRT also owns and operates its iconic, newly reimagined Observatory Experience.

Empire State Realty Trust achieves success for our tenants, brokers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. Our fully-modernized, energy-efficient spaces provide exceptional value to our current and prospective tenants and residents, and serve as a competitive advantage to us.  As the leader in sustainability and energy efficiency with a focus on ROI-driven investment, ESRT’s commitment to indoor environment quality is unmatched.

Commitment & Experience

ESRT’s competitive successes is founded on our successful relationships with tenants, brokers, and other stakeholders. ESRT values the importance of long-term relationships and prioritizes tenant service and value proposition as the key to growth for both our tenants and employees.

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Empire State Realty Trust

Empire State Realty Trust is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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Our Guiding Principles

The company’s Guiding Principles are the authentic traits which make the company’s successes possible. These principles guide our team members and represent the company’s characteristics. Our Guiding Principles set forth five central tenets for the company:

  • ESRT is not about buildings; It is about service, and our service is our brand.
  • ESRT is a team.
  • ESRT acts on knowledge. We do what we know. If we do not know, we ask, and if we do know, we teach.
  • ESRT relies on communication.
  • ESRT’s motto is “Once Right.” We look to develop repeatable processes to provide certainty and save time.

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