Executive Management

Tony Malkin Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Christina Chiu Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Keltner Jr.
Thomas Keltner Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Tom Durels Executive Vice President, Real Estate

Team Leaders

Albert Balady Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis
Jordan Berger Vice President of Leasing
Christopher Blackman Chief Information Officer
Jacqueline Burns Chief Talent Officer
Alex Chin Vice President, Senior Controller
Marcia T. Clark Vice President, Senior Controller
Jonathan Etzion Vice President of Investment
Diane Fields Vice President, Property Management
Jean-Yves Ghazi President, ESRT Observatory TRS, L.L.C.
Rodney Gomes Senior Vice President, Chief Controller
John Hogg Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis
Steve Horn Chief Accounting Officer
Ryan Kass Senior Vice President, Director of Leasing
Heather M Lawson Vice President Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary
Heather M. Lawson Vice President, Compliance Officer & Corporate Secretary
Pierre Nelson Vice President, Corporate Controller
Jeffrey Newman Senior Vice President, Leasing
Patricia Niscior Vice President of Observatory Sales
Fred Posniak Senior Vice President, Leasing
Michael Prunty Senior Vice President, Property Management
Aaron Ratner Chief Investment Officer
William Regan Senior Vice President, Financial Reporting
Abigail Rickards Vice President of Marketing
Dana Robbins Schneider Senior Vice President, Director of Energy, Sustainability & ESG
C. Peter Sjolund Senior Vice President, Design & Construction
Shanae Ursini Assistant Vice President, Leasing
Andrew Walker Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis
Kimberly Zaccagnino Assistant Vice President, Leasing