Ahead of the Curve: Eight Office Design Trends for 2023

April 12, 2023

Office design trends are ever evolving, and ESRT’s office spaces stay ahead of the latest trends in looks and layouts with the help of its expert in-house designers. From amenity-rich spaces and warm finishes to sustainable buildouts, employees’ motivation and performance benefit from a quality work environment.  

Increased Natural Light

Yuri and Jenna predict a shift from perimeter offices to interior offices to provide natural light and views for most colleagues. 

Acoustic Treatments

As the hybrid work environment and the use of video calls become more prevalent, ESRT’s design team says proper acoustic treatments in meeting rooms are essential. 

Green Design

Sustainability and healthy material specifications remain top of mind for tenants, and our design team believes there will be an increase in biophilic design throughout office spaces. 

Sustainable Partnership

ESRT continues to benefit from green lease specifications and easy integration of its industry leading ESG practices in tenant buildouts and office retrofits.  

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