A New Lobby At Metro Center

Tenant Spotlight

“In First-Class Fashion” – Olympus Partners Talks Tenancy at Metro Center

April 28, 2023

A decades-long partnership thrives at Metro Center. 

Olympus Partners, a private equity firm, has called Metro Center its home since 1990. We recently sat down with Chairman and CEO Rob Morris to discuss everything from the building’s look and feel to its convenient location in Stamford, Conn. 

See highlights from the conversation below! 

On the Metro Center Aesthetic

“Our clients are sophisticated investors. To have the actuality and the appearance of a first-class operation are important. The building must fit that bill. The way that we operate is very much a collaborative operation and is enhanced by the way the building is arranged. The overall ambience here is great and the service is good. They continue to maintain the building in a first-class fashion.” 

On the ESRT Team

“Over the years I’ve gotten to know Jeff Newman [and his predecessor] well, and they were and still are thoughtful about the things they do in terms of changes. They rarely make [changes] without sampling the populations mindset about whether it makes sense to [do something like] add furnishings in the lobby. The reverse is also true. When there’s something that we need, [ESRT is] very responsive in terms of getting whatever it is taken care of.” 

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