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“Natural Collaborators” – Nespresso Thrives at ESRT’s 111 W. 33rd Street | Empire State Realty Trust

September 18, 2023

Nespresso and ESRT: Sustainability

ESRT is an industry leader in energy efficiency, sustainability, and indoor environmental quality, and uses its position and knowledge to aid tenants in practices and reporting. As a B Corporation, Nespresso prioritizes sustainability in their corporate and consumer-facing businesses and praised the “natural” partnership with ESRT. 

“We need to make sure that our brand and everything we do is purposeful and brings benefit to the community and the planet which we occupy,” said Lucy Bai, Nespresso sustainability manager.  “ESRT has helped us in our B Corp journey by providing us with key insights into our data and understanding our environmental impact, so it allows us to see our waste footprint as well as energy consumption.” 

Nespresso offices at 111 W. 33rd Street

The expert ESG team at ESRT helped Nespresso build out their ideal office space through a roster of reliable, sustainable vendors that set the company up to meet their goals. 

“Building out an office with sustainability in mind brings a lot of challenges. One of the main challenges is the procurement of sustainable materials,” said Korolenko. “The reason that partnership with ESRT was important to us is because we were really able to tap into the resources and abundance of different vendors, contractors, and suppliers to really deliver on sustainability goals.”  

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