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My Experience as a Summer Intern at ESRT

August 5, 2022

*Nicole Mullin is a senior public relations major at Hofstra University. The following article is a personal account of her summer internship at Empire State Realty Trust. 

My Internship Goals

I had a few personal goals in mind that I wanted to accomplish through this internship. First, I wanted to apply my knowledge of PR from the classroom to a real project and company. I never thought I would be so lucky as to apply it to the “World’s Most Famous Building” and the whole ESRT portfolio. My second goal was to help narrow down exactly what role or industry I would like to pursue within PR. As such a broad field, there are several directions in which a public relations degree can lead. Fortunately, this position allowed me to experience a variety of industries as I worked with individuals in real estate, entertainment, events, sports, and more. My final goal was to expand my network and meet as many people as possible. I was able to work and connect with numerous people throughout the company that I hope will outlast these 10 weeks at ESRT. Additionally, I met people from all aspects of the public relations industry, from celebrity publicists to prominent journalists.  

What I Learned at ESRT

When I first interviewed with my manager in the spring, he stated, “I don’t want this to be a ‘coffee run’ internship.” I remember thinking, even if it were, how valuable it would be to just be involved with the company and in the office. But he was absolutely right; the position was anything but a ‘coffee run’ experience. I had opportunities to write media alerts, pitch journalists, meet ESRT’s executive leadership, develop reports, and even write this blog. I was allowed to participate in various roles within the team, which I feel so grateful to have experienced. 

Throughout the internship, what stood out to me was the culture and the team atmosphere at ESRT. I grew up playing sports and am now a collegiate athlete, so I always felt I understood what “team” meant. However, the collaboration of my department made me realize that a team is greater than sports. Teams can be found in all aspects of life and are critical for a successful company. The team atmosphere I experienced at ESRT is something I hope to find in all my career endeavors.  

My summer at ESRT has been beyond what I could have ever expected. Each day, I learned and grew more than I thought I could in just 10 short weeks. I hope to carry the lessons and skills I have gained here into wherever my future takes me. 

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