Dos and Don’ts to Save Energy This Winter | Empire State Realty Trust

November 13, 2023

Temperature changes create opportunities for individuals to make sustainable decisions with powerful results. There are many ways to practice sustainability during the cold months that will not only reduce your energy consumption but will save you money in the long run. Even the smallest steps have a great impact on energy consumption.

ESRT’s team of ESG experts – led by Dana Robbins Schneider, SVP, director of energy, sustainability, and ESG – provided some dos and don’ts for individuals to save on energy this winter.

Check out Dana’s tips below!

Don’t Use an Electric Heater

Though they may seem like a simple option, electric heaters are not as efficient as you might think and can result in higher electric bills. Keep window shades or curtains open during the day to let warm sunlight in.

Do Use Public Transportation

When it’s too cold to walk, public transportation is an efficient, environmentally friendly way to get around. Reduce the amount of energy produced by individual cars – and save on gas money! – when you ride the bus or train.

Do Switch to Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

When it’s time to replace your lightbulbs, consider a switch from traditional incandescent lightbulbs to eco-friendly versions like LEDs, halogen incandescent, or compact fluorescent lamps. ENERGY STAR certified lightbulbs will last longer and can save you between $30 and $80 in electricity costs over the bulb’s lifetime!

Do Keep Radiators Unobstructed

Make sure that radiators are not covered by curtains, blinds, furniture, or any other objects. These items can prevent the spread of heat throughout a room and make heating equipment less efficient.  

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