In an effort to improve the IEQ in our buildings, we have upgraded our systems to improve efficiencies and tenant comfort levels through demand-controlled ventilation, CO2 sensors, air purification systems and the installation of higher performance air filters. Furthermore, we and our tenants are required to use low or no Volatile Organic Compound (“VOC”) paints, wall covering, carpet, base, and adhesives in all projects. We have implemented best practices in green cleaning, using Green Seal products and practices, as well as integrated pest management (“IPM”) procedures, including the use of Green Shield Certified products and vendors to minimize the impact to the environment and the overall well-being of our tenants. We perform regular IEQ testing to ensure all VOCs, particulate matter, CO2, CO and other contaminants remain below the most stringent acceptable levels. The graphic above shows the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the energy use in our buildings and the applicable year-end occupancy percentage.