Overview: Sustainability in Real Estate

Empire State Realty Trust advances environmental, social, and governance (Sustainability) principles as we lead the industry with our expertise and consistently show our commitment to our employees, tenants, and the communities where we operate. We establish and execute our sustainability program to reduce our buildings’ environmental impact and foster health and resiliency for our tenants. We do this with a focus on accountability with global frameworks, financial performance, and care for the well-being of ESRT’s people.

ESRT has developed industry-leading sustainability strategies and implements best practices, modern technologies, and results-driven initiatives which position us to set the environmental standard for real estate companies across the world.
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We are committed to a healthy, diverse, and equitable workplace that actively promotes employee growth and development and drives positive social impact for the well-being of our employees, tenants, and the communities we serve.
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Our goal is to optimize our governance practices to ensure they exceed the standard for our industry and maintain transparent communication with our shareholders.

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Tony Malkin, Bill Clinton, Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul talking together ESRT CEO Tony Malkin, Former President Bill Clinton, Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul discuss the future of carbon reductions and sustainable buildings.

The Empire Building Playbook: An Owner’s Guide to Low Carbon Retrofits

Developed in partnership with NYSERDA and supported by the Clinton Global Initiative, the Empire Building Playbook: An Owner’s Guide to Low Carbon Retrofits is a free, innovative guide that outlines the step-by-step process for existing commercial buildings to develop a pathway to carbon reductions with proven returns on investment. The work shows how to codify, test, refine, and verify in-building projects. The industry-leading Version 2.0 deep-energy retrofit program at the Empire State Building serves as a blueprint for the Empire Building Playbook and demonstrates what is possible within the built environment to reduce carbon emissions. Since version 1.0 of our groundbreaking work, beginning in 2009, the Empire State Building has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 57%, and we still have economically justified progress to make.


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Empire State Realty Trust Announces ESRT Bees

It’s official – ESRT has welcomed its tiniest tenants! Empire State Realty Trust installed four honeybee hives at four different buildings in its New York City portfolio – which includes the world-famous Empire State Building – as part of its continued sustainability initiatives. The installation and maintenance are in partnership with Alvéole, an urban beekeeping company.  

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ESRT is Carbon Neutral

ESRT is carbon neutral as of 2022 thanks to a new three-year partnership with 18 Reserves and ACT that will offset ESRT’s non-electric usage through preservation of 9,000 acres of biodiverse forest and electricity offset by 100% renewable wind energy throughout the portfolio.  

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Platinum Status – ESRT Receives Highest Green Lease Leader Recognition

Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, ESRT received Green Lease Leader Platinum status, the program’s highest recognition, for modernized leases which spur collaborative action on energy efficiency, cost savings, air quality, and sustainability in buildings.  

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Sustainability Awards and Achievements

  • Sustained Excellence 2023- 2024
    Partner of the Year 2019-2022
  • Empire State Realty Trust achieved Carbon Neutrality as of 2022
  • Platinum recognition 2021-2024
  • Member since 2011
  • Partner since 2018
    Better Project and Better Practice Award Winner
  • 5-Stars Rating 2019-2023
    Ranked First for all Listed Companies in the Americas’
  • Emissions reduction target validated aligned with 1.5°C scenario
  • 2023-2024 Certification


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